Lauderdale County man arrested for arson; intentions caught on camera

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) - A few years ago, surveillance cameras would only be found in department stores and gas stations.

More and more home owners across the Valley are now protecting their homes with high-tech cameras.

There`s numerous companies who monitor alarms around your home, and their signs are normally posted as a deterrent to criminals.

But Robert Love is one of many residents who wanted to focus his attention on camera surveillance. He has several cameras mounted around his home, and what he caught on one of them this past weekend shocked him.

Suspicion was raised after his family smelled smoke Sunday night and called for the fire department.

But it wasn't until Monday and the vandalism of their car that the Love's went back to look at their surveillance camera recorder.

"We caught him on tape with the cameras around the back. You can see him clearly on the tape walking around the backyard with the gas can towards the area of the fire," stated Love.

According to Love, the cameras caught handyman Charles Aday attempting to set fire to Love`s historic home. Florence police were able to review the video and arrest Aday for first degree arson and criminal mischief.

Love said the camera system proved to be a wise investment for his household.

"As long as there are people out there willing to take advantage of others, you have to kind of do what you have to do to protect you and your loved ones and your property," Love explained.

Love and his family are just glad they were able to help find the culprit behind the fire.

Law enforcement officials say if you are looking to install cameras at your home follow these simple steps.

Pick a quality system which has day and night visibility, uses high-definition cameras, and the gives the option to remotely monitor the cameras.

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