ABI agent, organ donor to be honored in 2016 Rose Bowl parade

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MUSCLE SHOALS, Ala. (WHNT) - A former Alabama State Trooper who lost his life last year is living on through others.

The Alabama Organ Center chose Brian Faulkner as an honorary organ donor to appear on the 2016 'Donate Life' Rose Parade float. Brian's 'flora graph' portrait will be among 60 other organ, eye and tissue donors who in their death, saved thousands in need.

"I was just shocked," smiled Brian's wife Heather. "I said, 'why Brian?'"

Brain Faulkner was an Alabama Bureau of Investigations agent when he passed away after a motorcycle accident in March, 2014. Before he lost his life, he told his wife to make sue that everything he had went to someone who needs it. He wanted someone to have a second chance at life.

"He made the decision to be an organ donor," said Alabama Organ Center executive director Chris Meeks, "and through that decision, he saved four lives. That is a wonderful ending to anybody's life."

Tuesday night at Highland Park Baptist Church, Heather and her son, Blake, put the final touches on his flora graph portrait that will hang on the 'Donate Life' float. Every organ or tissue donation begins the journey of a new life, a new adventure. That is the theme of the 2016 float, 'Treasure Life's Journey'."

"I appreciate you coming tonight, it's helped me and Blake through this process to see how many people love him," Heather said while fighting back tears.

The float is a tribute to those like Brian who gave life through death. His portrait on the float spreads awareness for others to provide the life-sustaining gifts that he gave. It provides hope to the 3,500 in Alabama on the organ transplant waiting list.

The 2016 Rose Bowl parade will take place on Friday, January 1. Brian's family will be there while he is honored.

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