Main Channel Brewing Company owners say they’re seeing interest from all over the area

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GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) —  Main Channel Brewing Company has only been open just over a week and the first brewery in Marshall County is moving quicker than its owners thought it would at this stage.

“Last Thursday we opened the tap room,” owner Brett Smith says, “We were open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.”

Smith, his brother, Clay, and his wife, Sarah, own the brewery. The process to open was a long one, but so far it’s rewarding.

“The response was phenomenal,” Smith says, “There were tons of people who came out to drink craft beer.”

Smith says aside from that success, the beer is sold in multiple locations across the valley, which is something they hadn’t anticipated so quickly. “We’re mainly in Marshall County right now. There’s several places in Huntsville that have it on tap, there’s a place in Decatur that has it on tap as well so we’ve reached out that far rather quickly.”

They’ve seen people come through the doors from all over Marshall County and the surrounding areas.

County economic development officials say craft breweries have become a tourism draw all over the country, and while it’s early still, Main Channel has that potential. Officials say it adds to the list of attractions in Guntersville. “It’s been flattering, the reach and the people who have come from a pretty good distance,” Smith says.

The brewery is open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, with plans to expand those hours in the future.