TAKING ACTION: Service picture and dog tag found in a Guntersville thrift shop, organization is looking for its owner

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ALBERTVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -- Pictures can be priceless; they can capture a unique moment in time or a memory. A memory of someone who served in the armed forces turned up in an unlikely place and the organization that found it wants to find the owner.

Hospice of Marshall County Shepherd's Cove is a non-profit agency. It won't turn anyone away if they need hospice care, but not everyone has a reimbursement source. The un-reimbursed care is funded through United Way funding, grants, donations, and another -- quite popular -- supplemental revenue source. ​

The agency's thrift shop is located on U.S. Highway 431 in Guntersville. The donated odds and ends are sorted in a back room, and staff readies them for a new life.

Recently something stood out.

"We've actually found a service picture and dog tags from a James Brothers," Community Relations Director Susan Sanders says. Only one dog tag was included in the cover.

Sanders says sometimes items make it to the thrift shop by accident, lost in other donations.

She thinks that might be the case with the service picture. "Even if this person was not local, they've had some local roots because someone in this area donated this to the Hospice of Marshall County Thrift Shoppe and we would love to find them and return this to them," Sanders says.

Sanders say they try to track down owners of donated items they feel were a mistake, and they feel the picture should have the opportunity to get back to rightful hands.

"I know it would mean a lot to them," Sanders says, "It would if it were my family."

The organization is turning to social media to get the word out and is doing research to find the owner.

If you think it's yours, you can call Hospice of Marshall County Shepherd's Cove at 256-891-7724

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