New dedications at Huntsville – Madison County Veterans Memorial

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Veterans Day 2015 is one to remember for several reasons. It’s the day the Huntsville – Madison County Veterans Memorial Foundation unveiled the latest additions to the Veterans Memorial in downtown.

The day began with a fitting tribute to the men and women who served our nation and are no longer with us. One of them is Captain Trey Wilbourn of Huntsville. He was shot down and killed February 23, 1991 during Operation Desert Storm. While serving, Trey often wrote to his family back home. And according to retired US Army Major General Jim Rogers, “He often signed the letters, ‘love Trey… pilot, patriot and defender of freedom.’”

The statue unveiled at the park represents Trey and other aviators from all five branches of military service and the sacrifices they make to defend our nation and our way of life. Photographs of Trey were used to capture his face for the sculpture.

Many of his wing-men, family, friends and members of his ROTC unit at Auburn University were on hand for the unveiling. General Rogers said, “It’s really truly a testament to how Trey impacted so many while representing all aviators with his spirit, courage and dedication. “

Two other additions to the Veterans Memorial were also unveiled and dedicated. The Battlefield Walkway takes visitors to another monument. During the dedication, Command SGT. Major Kim Bradshaw said it reminds us of the soldiers killed in action, who went down fighting and they had marched their final march to battle. He added, “It stands on hallowed ground on the highest point  of the park where family and friends can visit, remember and pray.”

The Veterans Memorial Foundation will soon start raising money for its next addition. It’ll honor wounded warriors and first responders.

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