Huntsville restaurant Lyn’s Gracious Goodness starts tradition to give back 100 percent to veterans

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Many businesses do their best to give back on Veterans Day in some capacity - Extending offers from free deserts to discounts. However, for Huntsville restaurant Lyn’s Gracious Goodness, that just wasn’t enough this year.

On the eve of Veterans Day, owner LeeLee Wiginton  approached her staff and asked what type of deal they would run for our heroes? She suggested 50 percent off. One of her teammates replied, “What if they just gave us 50 percent?”

This sparked a post on social media announcing that the restaurant would give back 100 percent, making lunch available to all those who serve, or have served.

“They gave us all their time and everything they have,” said Wiginton. “And that’s what we should give back.”

This simple concept made a huge impact on area veterans. More than 50 men and women received a free meal and a sincere "thank you" from Lyn’s Gracious Goodness. Only two veterans that visited the local restaurant had dined there before that Wednesday.

“They came because we knew that we cared,” explained Wiginton. “And it wasn’t really about the food or any of that, it was someone that appreciated them.”

One company saw the post and donated a case of wine as a toast to celebrate our heroes.

“Just to have the comradery and hear everyone share their stories together, it was the warmest most encouraging environment,” shared Wiginton.

The day created an infectious atmosphere of selflessness, where local regulars began to make donations to the restaurant.

“We live in one of the most gracious communities in this country,” said Wiginton.

Each donation was put onto a gift card for service members to use any day of the year. From a business standpoint, many called Wiginton and her mission to give back plain crazy. But she see’s things in another light.

“It wasn’t a loss,” told Wiginton. “Emotionally it was the biggest gain we’ve had all year. This will always be something we do on Veterans Day from this day forward.”

Solidifying that giving back 100% will now be a new tradition at Lyn’s Gracious Goodness.

To redeem the gift cards, simply visit Lyn’s Gracious Goodness located at located at 2306 Whitesburg Drive in Huntsville.

Have a valid military or veterans ID.

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