Group of local veterans walks 22 miles to raise awareness for veteran suicide

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LAUDERDALE COUNTY, AL--  Statistics show 22 veterans and one active service member commit suicide in the United States every day.

"That number is too outrageous for us, so we're out here trying to spread awareness to families; to give that time and love to the veterans," said Retired Army Specialist Anthony Ramos.

Ramos and three fellow army soldiers walked 22 miles from Rogersville to Florence this Veterans Day; one mile for every veteran that commits suicide in the U.S. each day, in an effort to stop the startling statistic.

"We're just trying to spread awareness throughout the community of the struggles veterans have to deal with when they come home. A lot of times, family members and friends throw parties and have social events for veterans coming home. What they don't know is, behind closed doors, they're dealing with struggles," said Ramos.

Some of those struggles, Ramos says, are loneliness and PTSD.

"And the next thing you know, some of them commit suicide," said Ramos.

Ramos hopes this walk can be a show of unity and support to let veterans who may be struggling know: even if they feel alone, they aren't.

"Sometimes veterans get pushed to the wayside and we're trying to bring them to the forefront," said Ramos.


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