Eggtastic a Deal

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When think something is “-tastic…” I usually don’t think eggs.

“Tastic” as in fantastic.

When I think “-tastic,” I think maybe - Giselle-tastic.

Tom Brady,  when he throws a touchdown pass, probably yells “THAT WAS GISELLE-TASTIC!”

Of course, if you are Tom Brady, you probably get up every morning thinking, “this will be a Giselle-tastic kinda day.”

If you are a Bama fan, the big win over Michigan State was “Crimson-Tide-tastic.”

If you are an Auburn fan, Kick-Six was “once-in-a-lifetime-miracle-tastic.”

If you love giant cheeseburgers, that place that brags about a quintet of dudes is probably “burger-tastic.”

You get my drift. If you don’t get my drift, then you aren’t paying attention. Stop scrolling and reading at the same time.

Speaking of drift, did you see “Tokyo Drift?” It was one of the "Fast and Furious" movies. Right now (at the moment I wrote this), we’re have a big debate in the newsroom about how good that movie was. Tyler loved it. Drew hated it. And I want to know, what in the blue blazes Lucas Black was doing in that movie? He was great - as always - but he must have had an infinity pool to build.

I’m digressing.

Back to the “-tastic” part of this…

There is a product called the Eggtastic. It will cost you a tenspot, give or take 30 cents.

It looks like a big coffee mug. If you, in fact, already cook your eggs in a coffee mug, then you don’t need the Eggtastic and can resume surfing through in other areas.

I’ve never cooked eggs in a coffee mug before, but probably would have if it had occurred to me.

But just make sure it’s not a red mug and it doesn’t have any holiday stuff on it.  Because next thing you know, someone will take a picture. Post it on social media. And then, you are in the middle of a Starbucks-like dustup about Christmas and the holidays.

Back to the Eggtastic…

If you think I’m ADD writing this for the Deal or Dud section of the website, you should watch me clean a house. It’s a stream-of-consciousness-performance-art thing you should see and experience.

My dog just sits there and watches. He does that 'cause he loves me. He has to because I am responsible for his food. And television.

But you crack the eggs and put them in the Eggtastic. I put in three. There is a line inside the cup that shows you not to overfill.

Use a touch of cooking spray before you pour the eggs in the Eggtastic.

Mix the eggs up and put them in the microwave.

The Eggtastic cooks the eggs fine.

But, it would have probably done the same thing in a coffee mug. But, we’ve been over that.

We rated the Eggtastic a Deal.

We rate eggs a Deal.

Especially with bacon.



Waffles would be a great name for a dog.

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