Geraldine School hosts 48th annual Veterans Day event

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GERALDINE, Ala. (WHNT) - For nearly 50 years, a DeKalb County school has been putting on a very special event to honor veterans; those currently serving, and the fallen soldiers and their families. For some veterans, it has become one of the highlights of their year.

Anna Norris, student and SGA President at Geraldine High School, says her grandfather goes to the event every year.

"When you look out into the audience and you see veterans crying and just so grateful, it just makes it all worth it," says Norris.

More than 50 veterans and their loved ones spent their mornings at Geraldine High School Monday for a special assembly largely orchestrated by students.

Counselor Kathy Brown has been at the school for 16 years and says it's one of her favorite events of the year.

"It's always great to see the veterans come out, and our speakers are always great, and it's just a great way to honor our veterans local, and afar, and the ones who have fallen," Brown said.

The program has had such a positive impact on the community, State Representative Kerry Rich has makes it a point to attend every year.

"Really this is one of the better Veterans Day programs. It's always well presented, always has good attendance with a lot of veterans, and really that's what it's all about," says Rich.

Veterans in attendance had fought as far back as World War II and as recently as Iraq and Afghanistan, keeping America safe for more than 75 years - a good reminder to always thank those who serve.

"We should stop, really more often than we do, and just say thank you for serving your country," adds Rich.