American Legion National Commander meets with members at Post #11 in Florence

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) - The National Commander of the American Legion stopped by the oldest American Legion post in Alabama Monday.

Dale Barnett talked with members of Post #11 about strengthening their mission and routing corruption.

"He's been working extremely hard on our behalf, which is what he is supposed to be doing as Commander of the American Legion, for all veterans," said Sons of the America Legion Post #11 Commander Michael Montgomery. "He gave us quite a bit of hope in the success they've been having."

Barnett gave an update on his activities with the Veteran's Administration and what he and his staff have been doing to help route corruption out of the system.

"One of his focuses is to reach out to the youth of America and let them know the role that the military has played in America's freedom, and the contributions that American's make to our communities," said Montgomery. "He wanted to reach out to the youth to encourage them to take greater role in communities and to study hard, because we are going to need them in this country to help strengthen it again."

Here is a portion of American Legion National Commander Dale Barnett addressing Post #11:

(Video Courtesy: American Legion Post #11)