What makes the perfect grilled cheese sandwich?

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Perhaps second only to something Pumpkin Spice-flavored, it’s one of the most popular cold weather combos– grilled cheese and tomato soup.

Consider this a chemical ode to one of the finest comfort foods ever created, the grilled cheese sandwich. Cheese making is an incredibly complex chemical process, and at a certain point, you may have learned the hard way that some cheeses simply don’t make the grill grade. Why is it that some cheeses melt perfectly while others crumble into a nasty, oily mess?

Scientists from the American Chemical Society studied the pH levels of certain cheeses to see what combination creates the “perfect” grilled cheese.

In the latest video from the YouTube series Reactions, the American Chemical Society explains the chemistry of how cheese melts and why that affects the way that it tastes grilled between two slices of bread.

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