Main Channel Brewing Company, Guntersville’s first brewery, to open to public Thursday

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GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Charting new waters in the Lake City — Guntersville’s first brewery will open its doors to the public Thursday.

Main Channel Brewing Company will be open from 3:00 until 8:00 Thursday and Friday, and from 1:00 until 7:00 on Saturday.

All of the craft brews offered center around Lake Guntersville themes, which is the at the heart of the brewery itself.

Longtime Guntersville resident Brett Smith, his brother Clay Smith, and his wife Sarah Smith own the brewery.

The idea started with home brewing and family. “You’re doing it at home, it’s a hobby,” Smith says, “It was just something I wanted to do with my younger brother. He was real good at it and I just wanted to spend some time with him, so we’ve been doing this for several years together.”

That morphed into something bigger.

“Everything about Main Channel is Guntersville centric,” Smith says, “There’s just several aspects of this lake that we’re going to tie back into the beer styles and even our taproom and our facility is going to be very heavy in experiences of people of Guntersville.”

Even the building sparks its own memories. "Several of us hung out here at the old Jitney Jr., and it's been several things since then, but it's been real funny when you tell people around here locally that 'yeah, we're going to be located in the Jit,' several people light up and can't wait to go back," Smith says.

The end result, now ready for the public, is a culmination of looking to Guntersville's memories and its past, and weaving those threads into something unique.

"We're so proud as Guntersville people here, and I'm proud of the area," Smith says.

The brewery is a first for both Marshall County and Guntersville.

The process to open has been a long one. Several weeks ago, local restaurants and bars started selling Main Channel beer, and Smith says it has been successful.

"We're excited about the response we've gotten so far," Smith says, "The response has been tremendous. It's very humbling, and it's very nice."

The brewery is centered in Guntersville, on U.S. Highway 431 just past the historic downtown area.

The address is 2090 Gunter Ave, Guntersville.