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Madison County looks to solve severe water waste issue

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - A consultant brought in by county commissioners uncovers severe water loss and other issues with water distribution.

Commission Chairman Dale Strong says the county has lost more than a billion gallons in a year.

"Water loss from 13%-15% is acceptable," said Chairman Strong.  But the consultant revealed more than 40% loss in the county system.

"We had known for a time that our unaccounted for water was a lot more than what normally it should be," said District 1 Commissioner Roger Jones.

They voted to use a consultant to seek a solution for the problem costing the county money.


"If we produce more than 2 billion gallons but we're only selling 1.4 billion that means we have a breakdown somewhere in the system," explained Strong.

Chairman strong emphasizes it's not an environmental issue, that the county well is working as it should, but that there's some problem with the distribution of the water, whether that be unmetered water, uncalibrated meters, or a leak.

"There has been an effort to correct it, it hadn't been successful," said Jones.

A $60,000 cap is on the expense for the consultant. Coming out of Chairman Strong's operation budget, he says it will pay for itself many times over.

"It's going to be savings for the taxpayers or the consumers of the Madison County Water Authority," said Strong.

Chairman Strong says he will meet with other commissioners and the Water Authority manager in the coming week.