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Huntsville Utilities & TVA team up to offer extreme energy home makeovers to low-income families

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - As the season changes from fall to winter, many will be cranking up the heat to stay warm. Huntsville Utilities is offering an extreme energy home makeover to 1,200 homes in our area. It's partnering with TVA with the hope to help make low-income families more energy-efficient.

The makeovers also help lower energy bills by up to 25 percent. Everything is free to those who qualify.

Viva Perez has lived in her home for 52 years. Memories fill the home, but because of poor insulation, duct work, and an old HVAC unit, warm air was leaking out.

Perez said her utilities bill is "quite expensive, close to $200 a month... When you live on a fixed income, it's hard.  I could have never afforded it."

She's one of hundreds who qualify for the Huntsville Extreme Energy Makeover.

Utility workers walk through, check HVAC units, window and door seals, ductwork and insulation, searching for wasted energy. The great thing is they replace it - free of charge.

Their goal? To drop your energy bill by 25 percent.

With Perez being on a fixed income, a new HVAC unit wasn't in the budget. But now, she doesn't have to worry about it, and that money can be put towards something else.

"I've already planned a big vacation," she said.

The whole process will take four to six months. In order to qualify, you must meet the income requirements and show proof of home ownership. The home must also be at least 20 years old with electric heat only.