Huntsville Housing Authority to host community PTA meetings

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - The Huntsville Housing Authority is working to build a stronger bond between residents, children and the schools they attend.

What better way to do this than bring them all together in the most accessible place, the housing developments.

According to Huntsville Housing Authority Executive Director/CEO, Mr. Michael Lundy, school meetings present a number of challenges for parents in Huntsville housing communities.

“A lot of it has to do with transportation and child care.” Said Lundy.

To remedy this, the housing authority has arranged community Parent Teacher Association meetings to take place at the developments. Tuesday night, the housing authority will alleviate those issues by unifying students, parents, Blossomwood Elementary School administration and the city at  Searcy Homes Apartment.

“We aim to foster more communication,” tells Lundy. “And to encourage our public housing residents to be more involved in their children’s education.”

Searcy apartments are home to 74 children who attend Blossomwood Elementary. The meeting will have the Principal of Blossomwood Elementary, M. Jamie Burton, and other teachers and staff present. It begins at 5:15 with a tour of one of the apartment units followed by the community meeting.

“This will let the school members get a sense of the living environment of the neighborhood where many of our residents live,” explained Lundy.

Topics will range from school updates, concerns, questions and more to build a stronger bond between the school and parents.

“I think that relationship is so important,” said Lundy. “Often times, it’s the catalyst that determines how successful your child will be in school. We want to do everything to help our kids help our community.”

The meeting is scheduled from 5:15-7:00 p.m. and will be held at the Albert F. Farrar, Sr., Scout Hut located at 426 Dallas Ave, Huntsville, AL.  This is the first meeting for the public housing communities, and Lundy says there will be more to follow visiting other developments throughout the city of Huntsville.