Madison Superintendent agrees with President Obama’s plan for standardized testing cap

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MADISON, AL--   Over the weekend, President Obama released a Facebook video in which he says he hears parents' concerns that students spend too much time on standardized testing.  In the video, he said learning is about much more than just filling in the right bubble.

Madison City Schools Superintendent Dee Fowler says he agrees.  Children have different learning styles and Madison City Schools is constantly adapting for that very reason.

"We try to evaluate how much testing we're giving, what are we getting out of testing and to make sure we have a good ratio of instruction to testing," said Dr. Fowler.

Testing Action Plan FS

President Obama announced his plan to fix the 'over testing' problem, saying he believes standardized testing should be capped at 2% of classroom time.  Dr. Fowler says at Madison City Schools, standardized testing makes up less than .5% of class time.

"We're very concerned about over testing.  It is sometimes a waste of time if it's not used effectively," said Dr. Fowler.  "Not just to give a test for a test's sake -- is it effective? Does it affect what happens in education? If you can say that and say it's for the benefit of the child, then we're all for it."

It's important to note, President Obama's Testing Action Plan is not mandatory, but rather a guide to ease federal testing requirements. The administration is asking Congress to enact laws to reduce testing, but as of now they're providing the model to so without legislation.