Hollywood Police Department is selling shirts for K9 program

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HOLLYWOOD, Ala. (WHNT) -- Hollywood Police Department's K9 program assists agencies across Jackson County, but right now the program needs funding.

K9 Fox helps the Hollywood Police Department each day. "He's the only K9 that we have and we actually assist every agency within Jackson County and the school systems," Hollywood Police Chief Jason Hepler says.

Chief Hepler says right now though, the department needs help funding the K9 program. Its funds have been cut, so now the department is gathering donations to support it. "We're selling shirts for a fundraiser for our K9 program," Chief Hepler says.

The Hollywood Police Department got K9 Fox through a grant from K9s4COPs, a non-profit organization. Fox and his training didn't cost the department anything, but his ongoing costs are his upkeep. "We are responsible for his medical and his food, and his continued training," Chief Hepler says.

The department is hoping to sell enough shirts to help keep the program going. "You actually purchase them online and they're shipped directly from the company. It's Booster, we're doing a Booster campaign," Chief Hepler says.

The shirts are 15 dollars and a five dollar shipping charge.

"One hundred percent goes directly to the K9 fund. It's earmarked, so it can't be used for anything expect K9 related expenses," Chief Hepler says.

The department is selling the shirts for the next week. They need to sell about 100 more and Chief Hepler says that will cover the expenses for 2016.

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