Avoiding Allergies this Halloween

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT)- On Saturday little ghosts and gobbles will eagerly approach your door step searching for one thing, candy. Unfortunately several children have different allergies that could cause quit the scare if they dare to eat what candy you pass out for trick-or-treat.

Dr. Lawrence Robey with the Madison County Health Department warns homeowners of all the thing they need to remember when they buy their Halloween candy this year.

"We all know about peanuts and a lot of candies have peanuts or peanut flavored materials inside of them, but they also have gluten intolerance where they can't have anything that is wheat or wheat deprived product which maybe used as thickeners in some candy," says Dr. Robey. He adds  "some people are allergic to chocolate and then of course you have some diabetic who have to be careful of their sugar load".

It is important to check the labels of what you are passing out to your neighbor. Some people suggest to have two candy bowls. Have a bowl with peanut-free candy and gluten-free candy. Then you can also have a bowl for kids that do not suffer from any allergies.

If that is too much of a hassle for you, there are other ways to avoid allergic reactions all together."You can hand out money, you can hand out little toys or little gadgets," Dr. Robey recommends.  "You can even hand out statements of donations to some charitable organization".


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