Safety audit underway for all Lauderdale County schools, parents want to see security

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LEXINGTON, Ala. (WHNT) - Another Lauderdale County parent is concerned about safety at her school. This time, it's at Lexington Elementary.

When Kelsie Cox dropped her 5-year-old off at Lexington Elementary school Monday morning, she was shocked.

"We went, there was no one standing outside, so I got out with him, opened up the doors, the doors were unlocked, students were sitting up against the wall," explained Cox. "No teachers, no supervision, no anybody, and it scared me."

We reached out to Lauderdale County schools superintendent Jennifer Gray for some answers. She confirmed with Lexington principal Willie Joiner that two staff members were on duty watching the kindergarten door, a teacher and an assistant principal. During the day, Gray said that door is locked.

Cox said it comes down to what she saw at the time - no one. She wants to see security first hand.

"Something to, if some crazy person came inside with a gun ,or not even with a gun but just with bad intentions, that there is somebody, a front line of defense to stop it."

Cox mentioned a buzzer system, or a way to monitor who enters the front door. That is the same concern a parent from Brooks Elementary School expressed earlier this month.

Safety upgrades are in the works for Brooks Elementary, including additional security cameras and reconstruction of the main office to monitor the door.

Gray said there is currently a safety audit underway at all Lauderdale County Schools. Then they will wait for expert recommendations from a safety expert - and consider all options for each individual school.

She said they're working to do everything they can to make sure students are as secure as possible.