#Semicolon Paint Project aims to strike up conversation about suicide prevention

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - You can join your community for a paint party this Saturday that will do more than create beautiful pieces; it will encourage beautiful lives for those who have lost sight of how that feels.

"There's not enough information, there's not enough support for that," said Jessica Kalathas, Suicide Prevention Coordinator at Crisis Services of North Alabama.

Jessica Kalathas

Jessica Kalathas

Kalathas knows how serious talking about your feelings is.  She found her purpose at Crisis Services in helping people through some of the hardest days of their lives.

"Remind people that it's okay to have feelings and it's okay to talk about those feelings," Kalathas said.

The WEDC Milestones want to help with this effort.  In light of Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, the group is encouraging you to dress in comfy clothes and join them for a day of art and awareness.

"You just need to show up and be ready to paint," WEDC Milestones' Amanda Mason said.

On Saturday, the group will host the #Semicolon Paint Project in Huntsville.

Amanda Mason is helping to organize the paint project through WEDC Milestones.

Amanda Mason is helping to organize the paint project through WEDC Milestones.

"With a sentence, if you were to put in a semicolon, it's a spot that you could have ended a sentence but instead you chose to keep it going," Mason explained. "That semicolon symbolizes your life. So instead of saying, 'I want to end my life with suicide,' we're going to continue it on."

Organizers want you to help by painting old objects.

"Those items are going to be taken and put into some beautiful semicolon sculptures by some local artists that we have coming to help out," Mason said.

An effort both Mason and Kalathas hope creates a conversation and raises funds to support the 24 hour suicide prevention line at the crisis center.

Mason wears a necklace with a semicolon on it.

Mason models one of the semicolon necklaces participants will get if they purchase the package. All proceeds support Crisis Services of North Alabama.

"We may be the only contact, the only human voice that they've heard the whole day," Kalathas said.

The #Semicolon Paint Project will begin at 10:00 a.m. and last until 1:00 p.m. at 904 Meridian Street N. in Huntsville. That location is a lot right across the street from Brooks & Collier, Inc. Tickets are $10 each or you can purchase the $25.00 event package that includes paint materials, a semicolon symbol necklace, t-shirt and a sticker. The final masterpieces from the event will be unveiled on October 25th.

All proceeds support Crisis Services of North Alabama.