Hollywood Fire Department gets a much-needed upgrade department wide

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HOLLYWOOD, Ala. (WHNT) -- The Hollywood Fire Department just got a much-needed upgrade for all of the volunteer firefighters. It's an upgrade that is long overdue.

Any firefighter can tell you, equipment gets pretty beat up in the hard work they do every day.

"It was ripped," Hollywood Fire Chief Patrick Allen says, "You get hung up on stuff in a fire. You want all of your skin protected when you go into a burning building."

Allen says that was the state most of their old gear was in.

"We've got some of the newcomers that have come in - new recruits - gear, but the whole department hasn't had new gear since 2005," Chief Allen says.

Now though, that's a different story. "We're all new, everything's new from head to toe," Allen says, "It's a ten-year lifespan on the turnout gear."

The department got in the new gear this week, a new set for every firefighter. "Every single member. All 20 members," Allen explains, "It cost a little over $50,000 to fit the whole department. We got the town to secure a loan."

That will be paid back over the next several years. "The payments will be paid back out of our two mil fire tax money through the association," Allen says.

So now all of the equipment is new, up to standards, and much safer for the firefighters to do their jobs.

Fire officials say they're grateful for the town of Hollywood for helping secure the loan to get the top of the line equipment.