Fan wears his Marty McFly garb to the job Back to the Future helped inspire him to pursue

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Enthusiasm for the Back to the Future movies seeps through the Rocket City.

Judson Hudson showed up to his NASA job today dressed in a full McFly get-up, "I'm fascinated with time travel and the science behind it. Growing up, it inspired me to land a job out here at NASA."

Hudson now regularly works on blueprints that seem like they might use gigawatts, "My job is to restore blueprints, so they can service components like valves and regulators for the test-stands out here, which are testing the SLS rocket prototypes."

He's literally helping NASA bring test-stands back to the future.

And today he's dressed the part.

He runs through his outfit, "The first piece I got was back in 2013, if I'm not mistaken. Mattel released a hoverboard prop, which you see in Back to the Future 2, which Marty uses to get away from Griff and the gang. "

He adds, "The shoes came along. So I just slowly bought the pieces and put them together."

It's a nice homage for the movie that helped teach him to dream.

Hudson sums up his takeaway from the film, "It sends a good message at the very end. It basically implies that the future hasn't happened yet. It is what you make it. So make it a good one."