Baseball’s postseason is downright magical — we hope you’re watching

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We interrupt this regularly scheduled football season to bring you this breaking news: If you haven’t been paying attention to major league baseball, you should be.

Yep, I know you’re all wrapped up in angst over the college football season and your fantasy team. But baseball’s postseason is downright magical.
There’s a lot wrong with the postseason. It won’t end until almost November. Games end too late at night. The Mets’ pitching staff needs a barber. But there is so much right about it.

Jake Arrieta, Cubs pitcher (MLB / MGN)

Jake Arrieta, Cubs pitcher (MLB / MGN)

Look who’s left standing. Toronto Blue Jays. Kansas City Royals. New York Mets. Chicago Cubs. Yes, those cursed Cubs. All compelling stories. It’s been 106 years since a Cubs championship, 29 for the Royals, 28 for the Mets, 21 for the Blue Jays.

Take your pick. The cocky, bat-flipping Blue Jays. The resilient Royals. The Miracle Mets Version 2.0. Or the Cubs, the Charlie Brown franchise of baseball.

This all symbolizes a sport that has come out of the steroid era and is loaded with talented young players who aren’t loaded with chemicals.

Thing about us baseball fans, we all believe our era of baseball discovery was the golden age. For me, it was the guys on my baseball cards, Aaron and Koufax, Robinson and Mantle. But this era of Trout and Harper, Rizzo and Bryant may be a new golden age. Pay attention.

And, um, go Cubs.

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