Students join together, submitting multiple nominations to honor teacher

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ALBERTVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - How can I make history, exciting? It's a question many teachers ask themselves.

One Albertville instructor thinks she's found the key to keeping kids interested... incorporating crafts and visuals in the classroom.

When WHNT News 19 visited Albertville Middle School recently to surprise Joann Couch with a Tools for Teachers award, she was using paper models to demonstrate the construction of Egyptian pyramids.

Her students value that kind of creativity as much as she does, and it's the reason many of them joined together to nominate Couch.

"They were discussing some different supply needs that the class had," Albertville Middle School Principal Lance Kitchens explained. "That's where the idea came from."

"It's hard to afford [crafts and materials]," student Melody Leech explained, "I decided to help her out by nominating her."

Leech was one of nearly a dozen students who sent emails to WHNT News 19 describing Couch's commitment to education and nominating her for the $319 cash prize.

When we showed up to present the money with Principal Kitchens, Couch was all smiles.

"I love art projects! Just think! Markers! Paper!," Couch exclaimed while laughing, "Oh the endless possibilities!"

"Ms. Couch does a whole lot for her students in her classroom. She's a very passionate teacher, compassionate as well. Very deserving," Kitchens said.

Couch said she'll put the money toward creative supplies to help support her larger goal of getting the message through to students.

"I teach ancient history and a lot of kids they don't like it but I try to make it fun and exciting," Couch said, "I want to make them want to learn something about it."