Research company encourages people to explore clinical trial opportunities in Huntsville

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – In an office building not far from the medical mall, one of the suites houses E Squared Research.

Research assistant Michael VanDine-Grove says, “We’re a clinical trials company, so what we do, we help bring new drugs to market. And in the process of that, we provide free healthcare services to patients who are potentially in need.”

VanDine-Grove says they see first hand how these new treatments can turn things around for patients, “We’ve had one person in particular actually end up in the ER with a life-threatening condition. It was a severe Ulcerative Colitis flare-up. And we were able to get her into a study that we were doing currently. She was given procedures, medication, and is actually now living a fairly normal life because of it.”

If you have a health issue that makes you eligible for a trial, you don’t need health insurance. There’s no billing or co-pays.

VanDine-Grove adds, “Even as far as complex hospital procedures, they can have access to things that cost thousands of dollars, and there’s no charge to them whatsoever.”

As far as the safety of drugs still going through trials, VanDine-Grove notes, “The FDA and review boards are always monitoring the safety and efficacy of these drugs, and if there’s something that they believe is related to the drug, the study will be stopped immediately.”

You can ask a physician about clinical trials. However, you can also search through them for yourself here. You can find more information on E Squared here.