Clark family opens up about need for support following murder-suicide

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - The Clark family is in a state of shock and almost disbelief that the relationship between Jessie Daniel Green, 28, and Heather Nicole Green, 26 reached the point it did.

According to family members the two were high school sweethearts and it wasn't until the last two months any issues surfaced.

“No, we don’t hate him,” explained Heather’s older brother, Shaun Clark, through tear-filled eyes.

“We didn’t ever think something like this was possible. Their life together has been love and kindness. They just recently have had issues.”

In the last two months the couple was going through a separation and Heather had a protection order against  Jessie. The murder-suicide was a complete shock to all families.

Now as the families work to move forward, they have three life-altering priorities. Jessie and Heather left behind three children under the age of 10.

"We are just giving them everything we can and keeping them busy,” said Clark. "They know what happened, they were there. And they need a lot of help for today, tomorrow and  weeks to come. It's unreal."

The Clark family is pulling together to support these children. However, they are not financially prepared for the sudden tragedy.

"My father took a loan to pay for the funeral," explained Clark.

The children are in a stable and familiar environment living with their grandmother. However, this unexpected move may leave their grandmother unemployed.

The tragedy has left heavy emotional and financial stress. The Clark family is humbly accepting help in all ways to raise these children.

"We just need everything,” tells Clark. “They need all of us and every prayer and support in every way. We want to give them back the best hopes so they can have and a new start so they can move forward.”

To take them from being victims to being children again; surrounded by faith, love and hope, a hope for a promising future and life.

Heather Green's family has set up a Gofundme account to help with her funeral expenses and caring for the children.