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Redstone Arsenal is on the job in Europe

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Since World War II, American military equipment has been a regular feature on many European highways.  There are U.S. bases and U.S. troops stationed across the continent.  Now there's something new, pre-positioned stocks.

It's equipment for an Army Brigade Combat team -- 12,000 pieces of equipment waiting on soldiers.  "From weapons to radios to computers to trucks, trailers, generators, communication equipment, it runs the gamut from A to Z," says Corey Horn, a Senior Logistician with the Army Materiel Command.

These days, Corey and his team of 19 at Redstone Arsenal's AMC Headquarters are concerned about a gathering of gear at two locations in Germany. It's referred to as the European Activity Set. "Altogether it would take, if was laid out in a field on Redstone... it would take nearly 700,000 square feet to lay it out," says Horn.

It is a tremendous amount of equipment, and while none of it will likely ever see Redstone Arsenal, it was totally gathered and made ready by the team at AMC.  "So right here at Redstone we're influencing things that are going on in Germany, nearly 5,000 miles away," says Horn.

Troops from the 3rd Infantry Division are taking possession of the assembled gear.  By using gear that's already on hand, and not having to ship their equipment from Georgia, the program is saving millions of dollars.  As the troops take possession of the equipment, they make a complete inventory.  The idea is to return all of it, once the deployment is over, and then the next unit will use the same gear.

If something is broken or needs refurbishing, it will get it. "We're going to take it, and we're going to fix it," says Horn. He and his team understand that budget times are tight, and making sure nothing is wasted is an important way to help defend America.

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