Restaurant Ratings: Make sure you wash your hands!

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Didn’t Cut the Mustard:

Izzy's at 5656 Hwy 67 S in Somerville: Score of 77

  • Toxic cleaners and air fresheners stored over food prep and with food containers.
  • No dates on ready to eat food.

Rancho Viejo at 3402 Woodward Avenue in Muscle Shoals: Score of 75

  • Employee(s) going from raw to ready to eat without washing and regloving, also touching bare human parts without rewashing and gloving and handling RTE. 10 day notice and rules reviewed and provided.
  • 9 (5 gallon buckets) of cheese dip cooked on 9/28/15 being held in walk in cooler at 44-46, also 2 (5 gallon buckets) of cheese dip sitting in ice bath that had been cooked 3 hours earlier with a temperature of 94-95 F. 10 day notice give and guidelines reviewed again.
  • Water line in walk in freezer leaking into an uncovered pan of chicken. Abated by moving.

Golden Spoon Winners:

Sweet Think Pastry LLC at 121 Larkspur Lane in Madison: Score of 100

Bubba's Catering, LLC at 2620 Clinton Avenue  in Huntsville: Score of 100