Pansies are the longest blooming annual plant in the southeast

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Now that it's getting cooler outside, it's time to plant some Pansies. Pansies don't do well in the heat. It tends to make them grow tall and leggy, causing them to flop over. So the cool weather of fall brings the perfect conditions. When you plant Pansies around this area in October, they typically grow well all the way through to the next May. They're the longest blooming annual plant that you can find for this part of the country.

Before you buy your Pansies for your local plant nursery, the workers there make sure you have plenty to choose from. First, the individual pots are inserted into growing flats. Then they’re sent through a potting machine where soil is loaded into the flats. After that the flats are sent down a conveyor where they get a soaking drink of water. Finally, each plant is carefully planted in the individual pots and trays.

Pansies are typically easy to grow. They grow best in loose, open soil. When you plant your Pansies, make sure you don't plant them any deeper than they were already growing. The Pansy comes from a crown, and if you bury the crown, the plant won't be able to grow well. Make sure you water them, and maybe fertilize them with a little blood meal. You should have Pansies growing from now into next spring.