Miracle Peeler not a miracle but it is a Deal

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The Miracle Peeler has some bold claims on the packaging. After all, it claims to be a "miracle."

A device that claims to peel potatoes faster doesn't rank up there with turning water into wine. A quantum leap in peeling, and not pealing, but peeling, would be nice.

There is a warning.  It's not a warning about the potatoes, but the warning is about the Miracle Peeler, and not a miracle pealer.   The warning is about the blades.

The warning is not about the movie "Blades of Glory" but there should have been a warning about that.   Not even  Will Ferrell could save that movie.

But I digress.

The warning is about the blades on the Miracle Peeler.    (I wonder how the ringing of bells became termed as "peals." Maybe clangs. But not peals.)

The blades are very sharp.  The Miracle Peeler comes with a thick plastic cover and it needs it.   If it was the Miracle Pealer, you might need earplugs, but since it's the Miracle Peeler, you don't. But then again, if it was a Miracle Pealer, you might not want to use earplugs since it's ... well ...miraculous.

But back to the Miracle Peeler. It has a reversible blade. One side peels your item of choice while the other side juliennes your item of choice.

Did you ever wonder how the term "julienne" was coined regarding the preparation of food?  Was there some chef somewhere name "Julie Ann" or maybe a married chef team called "Jules and Ann?"

I wonder about those things.    Maybe I should spend more time working.

But the Miracle Peeler works great. It's a Deal.  It's an inexpensive product.  It was $10.88 at a local discount store.  A really large discount store.  A really large discount store that would be perfect for Christmas if you give people $5 DVDs.  A really large discount store that would be great if you were looking to pay 12,000 ice cookies for $1.99.

And if you are looking to give me a $5 DVD for Christmas, I am looking for a copy of "The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean" with Paul Newman.