Job fair at Redstone Arsenal offers civilian opportunities for service members

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REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. (WHNT) - They literally rolled out the red carpet on the Arsenal Wednesday for a job fair by

National Job Fair Coordinator Ann Harlan notes, "You have everything from BB&T banking to transportation."

After service, employment remains a challenge for many veterans. Job fairs like this one can provide opportunities for some life changing opportunities.

For example, the Army Materiel Command's Kenneth Jackson promotes another program, "The Always a Soldier program was an AMC set-up to help our veterans get into government service and try to reach out to them and assist them."

The folk at this job fair aren't out to do a favor. They just recognize soldiers possess unique skills.

Jackson elaborates, "It's important to AMC because a lot of the skills that a soldier has when they retire or separate from the military are skills that we need. We don't need to train them for, we already know they have skills. And as veterans, we know that they have the army values that we're looking for in employees."

Harlan adds, "Just because you've never done accounting or financing or trucking, your skill set in just being a service member, having those years of experience, they help. It's a win-win for a company to hire a service member."

If you missed this job fair though, all kinds of job gathering can help you develop new skills to land employment.

Harlan encourages, "I would say take advantage of every opportunity. Every job fair you have. Every workshop. Learning how to give that elevator speech, learning how to really sell yourself and the skill-set you have is important."

Plus, a lot of the opportunities available at the job fair also show up online, like the AMC's Always a Soldier initiative.

Jackson explains, "What happens is a veteran comes to us. We give them the information they need to go to a website, which is separate from USAjobs. They go in and upload their DD214, their resume, and their VA benefits letter showing what their percentage happens to be."

Even the organizer of the job fair has many of the opportunities on the internet.

Harlan says, " has an online job board. We work with thousands of companies actively looking to hire military transition, military, and prior military."

So even if you missed this job fair, you still have lots of the same chances.