Colbert County Sheriff’s deputies arrest armed suspect

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COLBERT COUNTY, Ala. - The Colbert County Sheriff's Office said deputies arrested an armed suspect Wednesday night following a standoff.

Colbert County Sheriff Frank Williamson said a high speed chase ended when a man flipped a truck he was driving on Sprangler Ln. in Colbert County. He said the man ran into the woods and at some point, fired shots at deputies. The sheriff said the suspect was armed with two hand guns.

"The gentleman, he has a mental problem, and he was drinking, and he got suicidal," Williamson explained. "This could have ended very badly."

A mental health deputy on scene talked the man out of the woods and eventually deputies took him into custody. Sheriff Williamson said with an officer involved shooting in Colbert County Sunday, he's afraid they could possibly see these situations more often than they would like.

"We're going to have to train for it and think about it and be ready for it as a department," he said.



Officials have not released the man's name yet, but he was taken in for evaluation.

No one was hurt.