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Governor Bentley awards grant for sewer repairs to small Morgan County town

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EVA, Ala. (WHNT) - Governor Robert Bentley made a stop in Eva on Tuesday to bring good news to the community in the form of a new grant that will provide critical improvements to the city's sewage plant damages.

"Eva's had a real problem with their sewer system," Governor Bentley said.

In front of concerned community members, he announced a Community Development Block Grant valued at $75,000.

"That'll help them repair their sewer system and you know, for a small town like this, that's major," Governor Bentley said.

A matching grant that saves this small Morgan County town a bunch of money.

"Our town's got a $450,000 a year budget, a little bit over, so you know you take a $150,000 price tag that you have to pay out of your own pocket, that'll set your town back so many years it's unreal," Mayor Gary Livingston.

The grant money will go towards fixing their 45,000 gallon sewage tank.

"Everything that comes from the town goes into this tank," Livingston said.

While the good news lifted the town's spirits, one worry still looms overhead.

"This store affects every city, town, county,school systems, volunteer fire departments, everybody buys from the surplus store," Livingston explained.

As a result of the legislature's 12% cut to the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs, ADECA is planning to consolidate the operations of its Surplus Property Division into a single warehouse in Montgomery.