Couple arrested in connection to string of car burglaries in Albertville

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ALBERTVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Using the community’s help on social media, police have connected two people to a string of crimes in Albertville.

“We’d been out looking for these people and trying to figure out who they were for a while,” Albertville Police Chief Doug Pollard says.

Chief Pollard says they were looking for two people in connection to a string of vehicle burglaries and a house burglary. Officers say during that string, the couple stole a purse out of a car and used a credit card inside at a store.

Detectives pulled security camera footage of the two and posted it to Facebook.

“We had a picture from Walmart when they were exiting the building, and people recognized both of them,” Chief Pollard says.

The two were arrested on charges from another agency.

After getting identification, Albertville Police was able to charge them as well.

Officers say they found out Tawnja Westinghouse and Scott Compton also stole a vehicle in Albertville and drove it to Missouri and left it there. Police say then the couple stole another vehicle and drove it back to Albertville.

“By catching them we’re going to close five vehicle burglaries and one home burglary,” Chief Pollard says.

Albertville Police say social media played a big part in the arrests and they’re appreciative of the community’s help.

Westinghouse and Compton are facing multiple charges from several different agencies.

Police were able to return most of the property stolen back to the rightful owners.