SMDC Chief Technology Officer talks about keeping the military’s high tech edge

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WHNT News 19's Steve Johnson sits down with SMDC CTO Dr. Steve Pierce

Huntsville, Ala.  (WHNT) – The goings on at Redstone Arsenal are dependent on technology.  It only makes sense for the military to appoint someone to be in charge of technology for each command.  Dr. Steve Pierce is the Chief Technology Officer for the Space and Missile Defense Command.  Dr. Pierce is a UAH alumni and he stopped by WHNT News 19 this week to give his perspective on how technology gives the modern Army an edge.

You might be wondering, just what does a Chief Technology Officer do?  “Probably the number one job I have at the Space and Missile Defense Command is to be the enabler.”  Dr Pierce explains that he works by “enabling the command to go out and find the kind of technology it needs to support its mission.  And with SMDC of course, we have the primary mission of space and missile defense.”

Here in the United States, we pride ourselves on having the most up to date and cutting edge military in the world.  Technology is constantly changing and some one has to be responsible for providing the most current tech.  “One of the things that General Mann, the Commander of SMDC, constantly looks at is how do we make sure that we are never in a fair fight?”  Dr. Pierce says utilizing the most current technology is how they make sure “that our soldiers, our troops are always in a fight where they have the technological edge, and more importantly that they’re protected.”

These days it is quite common for the enemy to be technologically savvy.  Keeping up with their technological ability is important.  “Some of the threats are starting to catch up with us in technological advancement.”  Dr. Pierce explains how keeping up with the Jones’ is so important because, “We need to know what they’re doing in terms of the threats to our forces, but also we need to know what they’re doing because we may be able to exploit some of the capabilities that they’re developing.  They’ve done that so many years with us, we should start doing that with them.”

Watch our entire conversation with Dr. Steve Pierce of the SMDC here:


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