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Encore Azaleas bloom multiple times throughout the year

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This is the very best time to plant Azaleas. A lot of Azaleas bloom in the springtime with a great display, and that's all they'll do for the year. But some Azaleas bloom in the spring, repeat bloom in the middle of the summer, and then bloom again in the fall. The group called Encore Azaleas are rebloomers. There are more than thirty varieties of Encore alone. Some are small plants, some grow to be medium sized, and some grow to be quite large. But they all share a remontant trait. A remontant plants blooms more than once each year. Azaleas require a certain amount of extra care that you don’t necessarily have to do for other plants. Azaleas require a bed or setting where the soil is open and loose. Clay soil is not really good. They need to be watered regularly, especially in the summertime. They take a little extra effort, but if you're up for that, the blooms they put out make the work all worth it.