Alabama National Guard adds 6 armories to closure list, including Huntsville location

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. – The Alabama National Guard Wednesday announced its plan to close and consolidate six additional armories, bringing the total to 21 armories to be closed by 2017.

Under its master plan, the Alabama National Guard had planned to close and consolidate 15 armories between the fiscal years 2014 and 2017. Wednesday, it announced six more armories will be added to the list, including one located in Huntsville.

Huntsville armory slated to close

The Alabama National Guard Armory that houses the 1343rd Chemical Company will close. This building is located off Memorial Parkway behind/adjacent to the U.S. Marine Reserve Center.

“The $200,000 reduction to the NG budget for fiscal year 2016 forced a corresponding reduction in the only place the NG can reduce expenses without incurring unacceptable risk in fiscal oversight and property accountability; facilities operations and maintenance. By reducing six additional armories, we effectively reduce the facility operations and maintenance costs to meet the State budget we are given by the Legislature for 2016,” the Alabama National Guard’s office said.

The Alabama National Guard selected the following locations due to cost to operate and maintain the armory, condition of the armory, and the armories ability to meet mission support (recruiting, equipment storage, force structure accommodation) currently and in the future.

“Closure of armories in the National Guard is not an instantaneous action and will require up to 24 months to complete. Drilling guardsmen and full time service members are our number one priority. Units affected by these closures will be relocated to other Guard facilities with accommodations made to continue their current mission with as little turbulence as possible,” the Alabama National Guard’s office said.

Armories already closed:

  • Albertville
  • Monroeville

Armories slated for closure prior to 9/30:

  • Sheffield
  • Scottsboro
  • Vernon
  • Jasper
  • Aliceville
  • Sylacauga
  • Camden
  • Fort Deposit
  • Jackson
  • Brantley
  • Elba
  • Geneva
  • Hartford

New armories slated for closure:

  • Huntsville – the armory that houses the 1343rd Chemical Company, located off Memorial Parkway behind/adjacent to the Marine Reserve Center*
  • Winfield
  • Alexander City
  • Demopolis
  • Marion
  • Eufaula


*EDITOR’S NOTE:  Wednesday, WHNT News 19 showed the Jackson M. Balch Alabama National Guard recruitment center at Johnson Road & Leeman Ferry as the facility that will close in Huntsville.  That’s not the case — this center will remain open.  We apologize for the error.

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