James Clemens High School uses Homecoming as opportunity to give back to community

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. - James Clemens High School celebrates homecoming week by dressing up not only themselves, but floats, too. But these floats aren't just to show their school spirit, it's to spark a little competition with a cause.

"We went all out and I think it's pretty awesome," said sophomore Madison Scott.

These floats are to show their school spirit, with an early lunch on the line for whichever class takes the win.

But for these students, that prize is secondary to something much greater. "We were making all of these floats, but we were like we just throw them away in the end and there's no fun in that so we were like let's do something to give back to the community,” said Raleigh Schmidt, senior.

Each float has a theme, and a cause. "They're going to ‘ruff up the Spartans’," said Schmidt.

This float is for the Madison Animal Rescue Foundation. "They're out there helping animals and doing all of this great stuff for them," said Scott.

So they're donating money, and a brand new dog house that they made themselves. "Just knowing you're giving back to the community, it's a pretty great feeling," said Scott.

There's no goal, other than to give as much as possible to the organizations they're supporting across the community. "Like cases of water, school supplies, socks, stuffed animals and we built the floats with these different items," said Schmidt. "I feel like as long as we're contributing to the community, we're successful no matter what we do."

The students represented 12 different organizations around the community.

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