Huntsville’s vacant beach bungalow, Savannah Station, will soon have a new look and purpose

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - The Savannah Station off Pratt Avenue is a funky Huntsville landmark that has a stronghold on the market for out of place architecture.  Located at the corner of Pratt Avenue and Church Street, the unkempt landmark has become somewhat of an eyesore to the area. Now Dunlap Contracting President, William Dunlap, has stepped in to help elevate the property to an impressive looking business offices.

“I’ve never had to use an address to tell somebody how to get there,” said Dunlap.

The twin buildings on stilts look like they belong beachside versus curbside. Built in the 80’s, it’s unknown exactly why the structures are elevated.

“That area is in a flood plain,” guessed Dunlap. “The only other reason I can think of is additional parking, it’s on a very small parcel of land.”

Either way Dunlap and his crew are taking the buildings back to their former glory and beyond. Six months ago Dunlap Contracting, INC. saw the space as a great opportunity to help develop an area near the expanding downtown.

“We recognize this building as kind of a gateway off Pratt Avenue to downtown Huntsville,” explained Dunlap. “We want to try to implement some of the looks from the old train depot into the design. Put brackets around the upper half.”

The goal is to help rejuvenate that area and expand the downtown feel. The property will now house eight business offices geared for starter companies. The transformation from a beach bungalow to craftsman style feel means a lot of rehabbing. The crew is keeping the stilts and structure and the rest is subject to updates and upgrades; new roof, siding, windows, a darker exterior color, and impressive curb appeal.

“We will get it off the beach and back in Huntsville where it belongs then I think we will be successful.” said Dunlap.

The crew will keep the Savannah Station name. At this time there are still six units available and renovations are expected to be finished at the end of spring.

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