LSU Runs All Over Auburn in 45-21 Win

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BATON ROUGE, LA ( - Auburn dropped a disappointing 45-21 decision at LSU on Saturday.

Auburn will likely fall out of the polls Sunday as the Tigers look into the mirror and face the reality of a season gone wrong next week.

Here are five things we noticed in the immediate aftermath of Auburn's first loss of the season.

Auburn's offensive identity? Inconsistency

We're not sure Auburn can feel any better or worse after this game. this hodge podge of inconsistency shows this might just be the worst offense ever coached by Gus Malzahn.

Heisman hype turned into a discussion about backup Sean White as Auburn's starter in less than three weeks. Gus Malzahn even weighed the option at halftime, apparently, but decided instead to stay with Johnson, who scored a touchdown on a 65-yard touchdown run out of the locker room.

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