Hartselle police dispatch to be handled by Morgan County 911

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HARTSELLE, Ala. (WHNT) - A consolidation in emergency crews came out of a Hartselle City Council meeting Friday morning.

Hartselle Police became the fifth police agency handled by Morgan County 911.

The county dispatcher already handles all of the county's fire departments and ambulance services. The consolidation means Hartselle's police dispatch will close and the department will be upgraded to the new radio system and better their inter-agency access.

"We do not have communications with fire departments outside of Hartselle, we do not have communication with ambulance services that are here," said Mayor Pro Temp Bill Smelser.

"You don't have to tell your story twice like it is now," explained Ryan Welty, Morgan County 911 director. "You talk to the call-taker that will handle your call, and the dispatcher that's talking to the police officer will be in the same room."

The consolidation is expected to shorten the time between the call and vehicle dispatch. It will also save the county 150 thousand dollars annually. the downside is that closure of the Hartselle dispatch means the police department will be closed nights.

"We will still have 24-hour police protection," said Smelser. "They just may not be at the police department, they may be out on call or something like that."

Hartselle dispatch's five employees will be offered jobs with Morgan County 911.

The changes go into effect October 1.