Talk of alcohol sales within Lexington town limits

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LEXINGTON, Ala. (WHNT) -  Lexington town council members voted this week to work toward alcohol sales in town limits.

They're requesting that a legislator sponsor a bill for residents to vote on during the 2016 municipal election. Town leaders said they are always looking for ways to increase the town's tax base.

Mayor Tim Collier said they have been losing money for the past years.

"Businesses shutting down, the paper mill shutting down, traffic's been slowing down and we've just got to make up for the money we've lost so far," Collier said.

This is the first time they've brought talk of alcohol sales to the table. Right now, folks wanting to buy booze who live in town limits spend their dollars elsewhere.

"We had a study done and it said it could bring an extra $3,000 dollars a month in."

Collier said the money sounds good, but it comes down to the people of Lexington who really just want a say in the matter.

"Several years ago they forced a sewer on us, and they didn't get a chance to vote on that. They just said just give us a chance to vote on something."

If the delegation agrees to sponsor the bill, and the legislature passes it, Lexington residents would vote on the proposal in August 2016.