Japanese Persimmons are best known for their fruit

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The Japanese Persimmon has glossy foliage and makes an excellent small tree. It grows quickly and is best known for its fruit. The fruit of the Japanese Persimmon is much larger than the Persimmon that is native to America. It is typically larger than a tangerine. The plant grows well in the north Alabama area, but this is about as far north as it can grow because a hard freeze could be damaging. Japanese Persimmons are self-fruitful, which means you only need one tree and don’t need a pollinator. They are unusual plants. They can look like little pumpkins when they’re growing on the tree. Japanese Persimmons are great if you're looking for an ornamental or a fruit bearing tree. The Japanese Persimmon at Bennett Nurseries has been producing a healthy crop every year for more than 20 years.