Ability Plus opens innovative Behavior Services Center in Madison

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MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) - Ability Plus celebrated a cutting-edge step in expanding its services on Tuesday. Officials held a ribbon cutting for the new Behavior Services Center.

The non-profit organization has been working with individuals within the community with intellectual disabilities for more than a decade. With the new center, though, the facility continues to advance their treatment. The center will provide behavioral therapy for individuals with autism and development disabilities.

"Currently, behavior analysis is considered the most effective treatment for those skill deficits and behavioral issues associated with individuals with autism," said Behavior Services Coordinator Brittany Collier.

The facility is the only state-certified center providing this kind of innovative therapy in Alabama.

"This service is going to allow us to improve that, to handle behavior issues that parents have had, to educate them, to teach them new ways of handling situations as they come that will empower them to be better people and have a greater life," said Ability Plus CEO and President Karockas Watkins.

The center houses an observation room, sensory areas and a group treatment classroom. The therapists will assess the individual's needs and develop a treatment plan.

"They would just come in and work with us directly on those behavioral programs or skill acquisition programs," said Collier. "We meet weekly with the parents to provide them status updates on their child's progress or the individual's progress."

Watkins said the expansion is small in size, but it will be huge in impact.

"The more we grow, the more people we can help and that's exactly what we want to do," he said.

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