HEALS to add dental, optometry care at Lincoln Academy

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HEALS, Inc. is well-known for its work to provide quality school-based healthcare around Madison County.  Now, those efforts are expanding.

HEALS will expand the care it provides by building a dental clinic at Lincoln Academy, on Meridian Street.

"We will be able to have three dental operatories and an optometry unit so we can provide dental and optometry care right here at the school," said Connie Carnes, HEALS Executive Director.

A donated trailer sits just behind Lincoln Academy, and it will soon be transformed into a dental and optometry clinic transforming children's lives.

"A child with a mouth full of blackened teeth from decay isn't going to feel that good about themselves," said Carnes.

"That affects their school work, that affects them making friends," said Alison Trefry, Lincoln Village Ministry Development Director.

By bringing health care to the 79 students at the academy, these problems will soon be remedied.

"We know healthy children learn better, so our main goal is to keep children healthy so they can stay in school," said Carnes.

This new site will be the first HEALS location for optometry, dental and health care.

"Children that get this kind of care feel more confident and they are just plain healthier and able to learn better," said Carnes.

All this is made possible through donations and work from volunteers to better a child's life.

Alison Trefry Lincoln Village Ministry Development Director.

"Healthy kids are healthy learners," said Trefry.

The goal is to complete all work on HEALS sites by late next year.

Lincoln Academy is the fifth Huntsville school to have a medical clinic serving area children in need.