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Taking Action: Addressing the sinking crosswalks in downtown Tuscumbia

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TUSCUMBIA, Ala. (WHNT) - The brick crosswalks in downtown Tuscumbia make the city unique in the Shoals, but those crosswalks are becoming a hazard to drivers.

A viewer in Tuscumbia reached out to WHNT News 19 through social media concerned about the condition of those crosswalks, and worries they could pop a tire.

"The basic problem is these crosswalks," Travis Bolton explained. "They're very pretty, but they're starting to sink in."
Bolton said the only solution right now is to slow down. He believes the issue doesn't necessarily stem from poor maintenance, but a poor foundation.
"When the construction company put them in, they should have used stabilized sand, and they didn't," He said. "They're really beginning to be wear and tear on all of our cars."
So, we reached out to Tuscumbia city leaders to see if a solution is in the works.
Mayor Billy Shoemaker tells WHNT News 19 the city is aware of the hazards that the crosswalks cause drivers, but their main priority right now is clearing up the damage left behind from an EF-1 tornado that recently passed through. He said fixing them is a long term goal by digging them up and starting from the beginning.
Bolton said that is a solution he can get on board with.
"I think they need to take it all back up and pack it down and put it in right."
 Mayor Shoemaker said it's going to take the right timing to get the project done safely and effectively. They hope to address the crosswalk problem this fall.
Meanwhile, the mayor said it's not safe to put out warning cones, because they could cause more harm than good.