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Rodents and insects on the run at a repeat offender

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Didn’t Cut the Mustard:
EL Asteca at 16129 Highway 72 in Rogersville: Score of 81
• Presence of insects by sink.
• Chicken on steam table was 122F, unit wasn't heating properly.
• No one has a current approved food course certificate. (Under notice for this violation from a previous inspection)

Express 99 at 18020 Hwy 99 in Athens: Score of 66
• Dirty Ice maker & meat slicer.
• Lack Date Marking on sub sandwiches.
• Lack of hand sink in prep area.
• Chemical bottle not labeled.
• Lack Food Course Accreditation

Repeat Offender: K & S Deli & Grocery at 21745 Al Hwy 99 in Elkmont: Score of 74
• Rodent droppings.
• 2 opened water bottles in unapproved areas.
• Corn dogs 120F, Pizza Pocket 125F.

Golden Spoon Award:
Lucy's Sports Bar & Grill at 350 George Wallace Highway in Russellville: Score of 99