Is Governor Bentley’s action to defund Planned Parenthood in violation of federal law?

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Federal health officials warn Alabama may be violating federal law by ending state Medicaid payments to Planned Parenthood.

When an undercover video began circulating that showed Planned Parenthood officials describing how they provide aborted fetus tissue for medical research, it upset a lot of people. One of those people — Governor Robert Bentley.  In response, he announced plans to cut our state’s Medicaid payments to the organization.

“It is extremely unlikely that Governor Bentley is spontaneously authorized by executive decree to say ‘I’m cutting funding to Planned Parenthood,'” said Huntsville attorney George Flowers.

Thursday, the Governor was informed ending the payments could be a violation of federal law.  According to federal officials, there are longstanding laws specifically designed to protect people who rely on Medicaid for their health care services from states who want to pull funding.

Flowers says there’s another problem with the impending cuts.

“Funding for federal Medicaid dollars, they’re federal dollars… states do not have the right to limit where these funds go,” said Flowers.

Planned Parenthood has 60 days to request a hearing on the termination of the contract.