Audit of Marshall Co. Sheriff’s Office shows instances of noncompliance

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GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -- An audit of the Marshall County Sheriff's Office released Friday morning shows instances of noncompliance with state and local laws and regulations. Sheriff Scott Walls says he disagrees with the finding and says he will be working closely with state officials to guarantee that there will be no future issues.

The audit shows 13 findings and recommendations, including issues relating to expenditures made without statutory authority, relating to the failure to provide adequate documentation for all expenditures, and relating to payments made in advance of services rendered.

The audit reports $12,621.31 of unauthorized expenses were made. The audit then goes on to note $11,166.29 of that was relieved after proper documentation was presented.

In a statement Sheriff Walls says:

"Of the remaining amount of $1,455.02, I met with Regional Supervisor (Examiner’s Office) Randy O’Bannon three weeks ago and it was my understanding that I was to repay $378.00. The report shows that I have failed to pay $1,077.02. This report is forwarded to District Attorney Steve Marshall and I intend to do whatever needs to be done to see that this issue is corrected."

The audit reflects those figures.

The Sheriff's said in a statement that, noting clean audits in the past, the entity has not changed procedures and this audit conducted during a political campaign found issues.

State officials say the audit was routine and confirm the Sheriff's Office had previous clean audits.

Sheriff Walls' statement continues to read in part:

"Obviously the 13 findings in this audit are duties that are carried out by members of the administrative staff, however, I am the Sheriff and I am responsible to see that things are handled correctly.’s the job of the Department of Public Examiners to point out any perceived problems. All of the findings have already been corrected and we will be working closely will Regional Supervisor O’Bannon to guarantee that there will be no future issues concerning this office."

State officials say the Sheriff immediately started taking the steps to correct the issues.

To read the full audit click here.