Healthy Campus 2020 adds wellness to Oakwood University registration

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - What looks like physical education mixed with a health fair is a new wellness twist introduced at student orientation at Oakwood University.

"Healthy Campus 2020 is not only a new concept, but it's a culture change," explains senior Camille Moore, who is also the head navigator for the program.

It's an 8-part initiative bringing a holistic approach. Students did basic exercises, had their blood pressure, hemoglobin, and even their mental outlook checked.

"When our students take care of themselves, mind, body, and spirit, they will be healthier and better prepared to perform," said Prudence Pollard, vice-president of the university's research and employee services.

The program provides a health transcript for students to check from year to year, and though it's in its first year, returning students are evaluated to get a handle on their health starting now.

The hope is that the holistic approach and personalized transcript will make students more accountable for their health, as well as rely on the community being built around the campus, then taking that knowledge beyond Oakwood to spread wellness awareness throughout the area.

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